Thursday, April 29, 2010

5-year-old boy turns alcoholic

A five-year old boy, who was given small doses of brandy as a cure for cough, has become addicted to alcohol in a Karnataka village.

The boy, who hails from Duggavati village in Davanagere district, can easily drink a bottle of beer and 90 ml of liquor -- brandy or whisky.

His grand parents, under whose care he lives now, are unable to fund his luxurious habit.

Playing the role of a good samaritan, Karnataka excise minister M P Renukacharaya has come forward to help the boy.

Renukacharya, who came across the boy during a recent visit to Davanagere district, told reporters on Wednesday that he has decided to send the boy to a de-addiction camp and fund his education.

"I am doing this in my personal capacity and not as a Minister and not from the government," he clarified.

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1.venu-mumbai:  Sex, alcohol are one's personal rights. As long as it doesn't harm others, we should not poke into their life.

2.Someone: dude its a 5year old kid... as elders we should poke our heads in this matter... or else his liver will be barbecued in another 3 -4 years.
 3.Anuradha Ramanan Hyderabad: However, you must atleast be 18 years or older to drink and not be charged. Legal drinking age even in the party state of Goa is 18.

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